Meetings are held on the Second Monday of Every month at the Clubrooms at 30 Hazel Ave, Mount Roskill at 7:30pm Everybody Welcome!

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14th October 2019 – A Day in the Life of a Radio Inspector

Join us for an evening with Kevin Everitt, a Radio Inspector with Radio Spectrum Management. Kevin will share an overview of the key RSM activities and then take a look at some recent case studies of interference investigations along with signal location techniques.

Monday 11th November

Yes, it’s AGM time again.  We plan to have a “short” AGM and hope that members will respond willingly when asked to stand for the executive and committee positions.

Following the AGM, we have a special guest speaker, Dr. Carl Laufer.  Carl isn’t a ham (yet), but he got caught up in the RTL-SDR craze as he was completing his PHD at Auckland University. He began writing about them, and selling them, on his blog at, and soon discovered that the little SDR receiver dongles could stand some improvement. So he designed ways to make them work better, and contracted a Chinese manufacturer to build them with his modifications. He will be bringing the new RTL-SDR unit with 4 coherent (synchronised receiver channels) and his VHF DF software so show at our November meeting.

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News and Net

Each Sunday at 2015 hours on 146.625MHz and 439.875MHz repeaters, or after the NZART Official Broadcast finishes, which is the last Sunday of each month, a Club Official brings you the local News and Net.