Repeater/Beacon NameTX Freq (Mhz)LocationStatusLast UpdatedComments
6 Metre
Klondyke 6m53.725Klondykeoperational 24/05/2015Require signal and operational reports
6 Meter Beacon51.020To be relocatednon-operational1/01/2006New site and license required
2 Metre
Klondyke 6625146.625Klondykeoperational 24/01/2015
Bombay 690146.900Puketutuoperational 24/01/2016New Equipment August 2009
Rua-o-Te Whenua 670146.700Rua-o-Te Whenuanon-operational 28/12/2017Transmitter fault, under repair
2 Metre Beacon144.253Nihotupu non-operational 24/01/2016Under construction – new equipment – keyer to be built
2 Metre D-Star 145.650Klondyke operational24/01/2016Gateway
2 Metre Packet node 145.625Klondykenon-operational 24/01/2016Due to X mod fault – Maybe dismantled – TBC
850 Repeater438.500North Headnon-operational 24/01/2016Requires CTCSS 88.5 Hz on mobile TX to activate
Under repair
70cm D-Star438.175Klondyke operational 24/01/2016Gateway
National System Klondyke439.875Klondyke operational 24/01/2016
70cm Beacon432.253Nihotupunon-operational 24/01/2016Under construction – new equipment – keyer to be built
ZL1BQ DMR Voice and Data439.700Quinns Roadoperational 24/01/2016Requires DMR Equipment to operate (AREC)
Auckland 1901291.900Glenfieldnon-operational22/11/2015Linked to 147.400 FM Simplex
requires rebuild
Auckland Beacon1297.150Klondykenon-operational22/11/2015Under Construction – Hamilton