An Article on the 5/8th Wavelength Antenna

Many decades ago I needed an antenna for my Shack in Ellerslie at the family hone which when mounted on the garage roof would be ideal for simplex contacts with mobile Hams.

I purchased a length of tufnol which is easily worked but extremely strong and ideal for the centre coil former, Using brazing rod I manufactured this antenna for 70cms and the lower rod was solder directly into a mobile mount with coax cable attached. Radials made (4) were soldered to a small plate to mount the mobile mount base and in the centre a number of wires were wrapped around the former and soldered around the rods.

Shrink wrap was applied to the former to prevent the wires from moving. It had an extremely low SWR and I managed to make good contact with many before it was taken down when the home was sold.

I thought I might regenerate this for the current shack so researched and found this excellent article online. If you need an antenna for fixed or mobile applications it would be fun to do as a project.

Check out this URL for access to the Article.


I have not checked my digital copy of the ARRL Antenna Manual yet,

but it would be useful to allow me to use my various VNAs or RF Explorer items to see what it looks like.