Rally of Whangarei

Members of the Auckland VHF Group assisted with communications at last weekends Whangarei Rally. Stationed at the 5KM mark of stage 3, they reported all vehicles passing their location to comms base via a VHF repeater erected especially for the event

In the photos above you can see Vaughan ZL1VH receiving event documents from the 000 Saftey Car, George ZL1TUX radioing in car numbers, and a co-driver reporting an incident to be relayed to comms base.

In the video above you can see Brendon ZL1XXX radioing in Car 10 to the comms base on a sunny Saturday afternoon in scenic Whangarei.



Have a listen to the clip above to hear comms chatter as various stations radio in their messages to comms base. Note the next car arriving to station Seven Alpha in the background at over 100km/hr on gravel! Rally is always looking for volunteers so give it a go! Click info@aucklandvhf.org to find out more

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